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Jalen Dorsey- The Standard

I've recently written about Dr. Shelby's influence on my life as I've watched her journey to where she is today. However, Mr. Dr. Shelby (AKA, Jalen Dorsey, AKA DJLiTEBRiTE) has also had an influence on me. (Not just for him hyping me up when I rapped Lil Wayne's Megaman bar-for-bar to him when I was 18.)

In short, Jalen has become the standard. He is the bar that I've set for my future partner. I refuse to settle for anything less than the genuine commitment, support and love Jalen shows to Shelby. They are the true definition of partnership. (Even as far back to the boatclub days, IYKYK) I've never witness a partnership so solid. The unlimited support Jalen has shown Shelby over the years has been beautiful to witness. Jalen is Shelby's biggest supporter in all things and she is equally his. The pure, authentic love between the two of them is almost tangible. I'm determined to settle for nothing less.

So, what I'm saying is: If you can't be the Jalen to my Shelby, I don't want it! 😜

P.S. Jalen is wearing's very fashionable Positive Reinforcement crewneck! (It would look equally as good on you and is perfect for the cold weather!)


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