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Functions of Behavior: SDstore edition

When it comes to behavior, we all know the functions. We use a variety of acronyms to remember them such as SEAT, EATS

My personal favorite is EATS, for obvious reasons. 🍕🥞


We use these four functions as a way to understand why behavior occurs. There may be more than one function, there may be all. Though we use these functions to help us understand the WHY. This is used as a compass, to help us understand WHERE we will go from there.

I’ve compiled a few SD store merch that applies to each function! 

Escape, or a behavior whose function is escape would be escaping a particular environment, activity OR escaping to something else.

The Escape Maintained Adventure Club sweatshirt is PERFECT for this function. It’s also extremely comfortable!

Attention, or a behavior whose function is attention would be a behavior that occurs to actively seek interaction, to gain the attention of another. Oftentimes, attention seeking is painted in a way that seems problematic. We ALL seek attention, it is part of being a human. There is nothing wrong with seeking attention, some learners may need help with seeking attention through appropriate behaviors. 

Don’t Weaponize Attention Unisex Tee-shirt, a 100% cotton t-shirt, with an important message to share!

Tangible, or behavior that is maintained by obtaining access to desired items, or activities. 

An example of my few favorite tangibles from the SD store would be… 

Verbal Behavior mouse pad, work is more accessible through a smooth moving mouse! 

Private events are behavior mug! I find coffee more enjoyable in a mug that seemingly reads my mind.

Sensory, the behavior serves a sensory function, often related to seeking or avoiding certain sensory stimuli.

A preferred sensory input accessory is definitely a hat. My favorite hat from the SD store is the Behavior Analyst Cap, everybody knows that dad caps are no longer just for dads. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed.

  • Hayley

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