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Mission is a small business based in rural West Texas, owned and operated by Dr. Shelby Dorsey—an autistic/ADHD behavior analyst, mother of two, and wife. Our mission is to reshape attitudes toward ABA by authentically representing neurodivergent perspectives and promoting behaviorism through bold designs and meaningful slogans. Recognizing the poor reputation and historical misuses of ABA, we are committed to disseminating and reinforcing compassionate, safe, and assent-based practices through wearable dissemination to inspire positive change.

Dr. Shelby Dorsey, an autistic behavior analyst, sitting on a light green chair against a brick and white wall, wearing a pink blazer, blue pants, and a headscarf, looking thoughtfully to the side with her chin resting on her hand.

Who is
Dr. Shelby Dorsey

Blending her love for fashion, human behavior, and business, Dr. Shelby Dorsey is an autistic, queer behavior analyst with ADHD from rural West Texas. Her mission is to reshape attitudes toward ABA through an online shop where every design reinforces positive change!

Drawing from her neurodivergent brain, unique upbringing, and diverse interests, Dr. Dorsey uses art, color, shapes, and lines in powerful designs to disseminate compassionate behavior analysis. is your source for workwear that’s perfect for educators, behavior analysts, behavior technicians, psychologists, and everyone in between!

In addition to, Dr. Shelby Dorsey serves as Director of Clinical Services at a private ABA provider serving adolescent and pediatric autistic clients and their families in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She also owns and operates her private practice, SD Consulting, providing individualized services on a private pay basis.


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You influence culture by what you reinforce.

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