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A Teacher's Perspective of Positive Reinforcement

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hello everyone! Jes here! I am the newest member at By day, I am a 4th grade teacher in the Metro area. I am learning so much about the BCBA world (BA world? Behavior Analysis world, how do I word this??) from Dr. Shelby and being on the team, but truthfully I feel like I do not know a whole lot about what Behavior Analysis is. As an educator, I've been applying what I've learned as I go and I'm having a fun time trying new things!

One thing I've been familiar with since I've started my teaching career is Positive Reinforcement. I use Positive Reinforcement as a redirecting tool for those who may have gotten off task, never calling out negative behavior but instead recognizing those who are on task. I use Positive Reinforcement by having class celebrations when we've reached our class goals. Using Positive Reinforcement is a key role in my classroom management. Positive Reinforcement is my jam! What are some things you'd like a classroom teacher to know about BA? I'd love to learn more ways to be successful in the classroom!


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