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Dr. Shelby | The Ultimate Influencer

Hi guys! It's Jes! Let me tell you about how Dr. Shelby was introduced into my life:

The year was 2012 and I was a pregnant Freshman in college. I was working at the local Walmart when Shelby also started working in the store. I had remembered seeing her around campus. (Because honestly, it was impossible to miss Shelby walking around campus with her unique style & the word "weezy" shaved into her head.😉 She was definitely a head turner.) Shelby and I never officially met back then, but we became friends via social media. Shelby had a young daughter (famously known as #twitterlesstatum). I was in awe of the fact that she brought her daughter to college with her. At the time, I was struggling with being pregnant, single, working and going to school. Seeing Shelby juggle it all, gave me hope that I could, too.

The years to come of putting myself through college while raising a baby on my own were the hardest of my life. However, I continue to watch Shelby accomplish the very goals I had set for myself. She graduated with her Bachelor's degree with her daughter right alongside her. Shortly after, Shelby received her Master's degree. During that time, I was pushing myself daily to get through school. I knew it was possible because I watched Shelby do it.

After I had completed college and started my teaching career, I continued to watch Shelby push herself to complete her dissertation and ultimately becoming THE Dr. Shelby she is today. The tenacity, hard work and drive Shelby has is not only admirable but it's influential. Shelby had influenced me to work hard and tackle whatever the universe decides to hand me. Shelby was the walking blueprint of how I too could accomplish my goals.

Now working for Dr. Shelby, I'm still in awe of how she juggles everything. She continues to be one of my biggest role models. Her determination is unmatched and I'm pretty sure she will conquer the world if we let her. 😉

Three cheers for Shelby!


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