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Play is Good!

Play is good: play based therapy

This tee was inspired by the parent of a former client who was concerned about the naturalistic method of teaching that I was using to teach their child during sessions. This client had made incredible progress in all domains, and was quickly moving towards graduation from ABA services. Our sessions were very naturalistic. I used almost entirely incidental teaching, with a scattering of contrived naturalistic learning opportunities mixed in. (It was honestly so fun for both of us, most of the time!)

So, naturally, the parent voiced concerns to me that our sessions looked like we were just playing, and this was unlike the other services their child received. They worried that the client was not learning, due to how much play we engaged in.

I remember how surprised the parent was when I explained how important it is for our kiddos to be happy, relaxed, and engaged throughout their sessions, and that it actually helps them learn effectively and efficiently!

So, don’t forget: Play is good! For you, for your clients– for everyone!


Play is good: play-based therapy

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