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Reinforce Your Holiday Joy: Order by December 8th!

Hey friends!

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think about the temporal locus when it comes to gift-giving: timely rewards are the most satisfying! To ensure your holiday shopping behaviors are met with the best possible outcome (a.k.a. gifts arriving on time), we’ve got an important date for you to remember.

The Date: December 8th 🗓️

To make sure your chosen reinforcements are nestled under the tree before December 25th, get those orders in by December 8th. It’s the kind of contingency planning that would make Skinner proud – a simple antecedent arrangement to ensure a joyful holiday consequence.

Why the 8th?

In the grand scheme of holiday logistics, shipping companies experience a high volume of traffic. So, we’ve analyzed the previous data and determined that December 8th is the prime date to make sure your items are delivered before December 25th—just in time for any festivities.

Your Action, Your Reward

Remember, the behavior of ordering early is under your control, and the consequence is all positive—peace of mind, gifts ready to be unwrapped, and that warm feeling of holiday preparedness. It’s shaping at its finest, with every early order reinforcing the success of your holiday reinforcement plans.

So, let’s get those behaviors in motion! Visit our website, make your selections, and hit that order button by December 8th. Then, sit back and bask in the glow of a holiday well-prepared.

With warm wishes and timely reminders,

Shelby ✨ - Where your orders are met with holiday cheer. ♥️

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